Crystal Ubuntu repos - where is 21.10/22.04?


Here: Install package devel:languages:crystal / crystal

There is 21.04 repo only, but actual version of Ubuntu is 21.10. I don’t know anything about opensuse repositories/build systems, but will 21.10 be there?

Thanks! pf

I’ve just enabled the Ubuntu 21.10 repository. Packages should be available shortly.

Unfortunately, it requires a manual action every time a new repository is added. I don’t think you can opt in to an automatic subscription of new releases.



@straight-shoota Hello again! Can you do something similar for fresh 22.04?

That’s too fresh. We depend on availability on OBS. Dunno how long it takes them.

You could try asdf, I just used it to install 1.4.1

The deb package probably works on Ubuntu 22.04 as well, you just have to tell the installer to use the the 21.10 repo (DISTRO_REPO=xUbuntu_21.10

Yes, I am still using xUbuntu_21.10 repo on 22.04.

So far I’ve only found this issue (in the compiled binary):

but it works.

Here’s deb packages (for amd64 and arm64) that works with all debian based distros and versions: