An interesting read on "Dynamic Programming Algorithms"

Just came across this interesting article on Dynamic Programming Algorithms that should be known to every competitive developer. Dynamic programming is a popular technique in computer science and software engineering that plays a crucial role in competitive programming. Use this amazing read to improve your understanding of the algorithms and approach challenges in programming in a dynamic fashion.

Did you know that Crystal feels like a dynamic language like Python and Ruby, but it’s compiled and run fast? :slight_smile:
Happy Programming, Crystalists!


I enjoy that Crystal isn’t as dynamic as Ruby/Python. Coming from a primarily Ruby background professionally but Java/C++ from my education, the dynamism of interpreted languages has a lot of flaws.

Anyone who has ever tried to chase down dynamically generated instance variables in a Rails app knows exactly what kind of pain meta-programming causes.


Just to note that there are two uses of the word “dynamic” here. One is the algorithmic sense (the post), and the other one is the typing sense.

And yes, definitively having types to help you not shoot yourself in the foot is a big plus!