Any SOAP client?

Is there any SOAP client available for crystal?
I’ve searched GitHub and find two unfinished project.

looks like there are a few unfinished ones. Here is a query that might help you find them.

Thank you, I have seen these 2.

If you get anything working @Geo-7 I’d be interested to know.
I don’t have any pressing need for a soap client just yet but I’ll probably have to write a MS Exchange client at some point in the future.

While I’m not specifically interested in a SOAP client in Crystal, I have other needs for a more pleasant XML API. If you’re planning on working toward a Crystal SOAP client and need to work on an XML library to make it possible/feasible, I’m happy to work with you on that.

You might take a look at it’s a brand new shard for parsing HTML5. Not quite XML but maybe it can be done similar if you want a native XML parser in Crystal.