Any updates regarding parallelism since 2019 blog post?


The latest doc about concurrency vs parallelism still refers to the 2019 blog post:
Parallelism in Crystal - The Crystal Programming Language (

Any updates regarding parallelism since then?

I think, no.

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Is there a publicly viewable roadmap for the language ?

Ideally one with some degree of temporal expectation for features and/or the ability for the community to help prioritise them ?

That may help energise the community and may also build general strategic hygiene for the language.

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“Official” roadmap is on the github wiki:

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There has been some improvements since that blog post, but mostly in form of bug fixes. The general usage should still be the same.

The Roadmap in the GitHub wiki gives a very rough overview. Granted, it has been pretty stagnat for the past couple of years. But we’re in the process of finalizing one of the big topics there, Windows support.

Besides that, there are no concrete plans for executing the roadmap. Experience has shown that time expectations are not going to work out anyway, so there’s not much sense in making them in the first place. The reason is that there’s a lot of movement in a language and ecosystem. New ideas come by all the time and it’s important to not just focus on the big things, but also attend to the many smaller improvements. They require work as well, but also have a great effect. And sometimes even bigger features come by without being on the roadmap, just because things happen (for example the interpreter).

I guess the interpreter is a realized JDF(Joy Driven Feature). :smile: