API documentation

It would certainly be very helpful and would serve the further dissemination of the language if the API documentation had even more code examples. I am aware that this is a lot of work.

An interesting approach is taken by clojuredocs where users can contribute to the documentation themselves with examples.

The solution from perldoc is also very good.

For further inspiration see also The Common Lisp Cookbook. (OK, a cookbook is a different thing…)

Regards, Karl


They already can by opening a PR :) I’m sure contributions to add examples to methods that do not currently have them would be welcomed. Or to add additional relevant examples to the existing ones.

I’m unsure if it would be a good idea to allow anyone to contribute arbitrary examples/notes without review. Mainly as having the examples in the source code is a big win versus something like the clojure docs where it would have to be some external system to handle it.