Assign instance var in block argument directly

Hello (;

While doing the adventofcode day 3, I tried to assign an instance variable from a block argument, which seems to be an invalid syntax:

    (base_x..target_y).each do |x|
      @current_x = x
      occupied_cells << {@current_x, @current_y}

    # VS

    # expecting block argument name, not INSTANCE_VAR
    #                           |
    #                           V
    (base_y..target_y).each do |@current_y|
      # @current_y = y
      occupied_cells << {@current_x, @current_y}

Good idea? Maybe we can add it?

NOTE: I’m not sure where to post a suggestion like this in the forum, I sense that Help & Support is the wrong category for the others doesn’t feel right either… Where should this go?

Crystal Contrib maybe?