Base API

I’m happy to announce that I created a project using Crystal (and Mint)! :tada:

It’s: Base (API as a Service), you can read more about it from this post:

It’s not a big project, for now it’s 2317 LOC.

Also I started to write the first client in Crystal as well:

Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions I’m happy to answer them.


Haven’t looked at any functionality yet, but just wanted to say that the landing page is incredibly beautiful. From your name its likely that you designed it yourself. Is that true?

Thanks :slight_smile: Yes I have designed it myself, except for the illustrations which is from

Can it be self-hosted?

Technically it can be but I’m not planning on releasing in that way right know, we’ll see what happens maybe that will be the way to monetize it in the future.