Best affordable processor to speed up the compilation times

Hi, could you give me some recommendation about which processor is the best deal to buy right now so I can decrease the compilation times?

Does intel perform better than AMD?

Does the OS (I am on Ubuntu) matter?

Given Crystal complies with a single thread at the moment, you’d be best off with whichever one has the highest single core speed; which has historically been Intel. However, I haven’t bought a new CPU in a while so might be worth doing some research on that as I’ve been hearing good things about Ryzen.

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@Blacksmoke16 after MT is released from behind its feature flag, will we be likely to see a drop in compilation times?

I don’t think so. Most of the compiler’s processing just needs to run sequentially through the program.

Some partial tasks could potentially be parallelized, but I’m not even sure it would make a huge difference.

I’m not aware of either platform being better than the other. The top Intel CPUs usually have higher single-core performance than AMD, so that would be beneficial.
If you want top performance and have the money, grab an i911900K or something.

Apple M1 seems to be performing exceptionally good as well.

There might be some differences between operating systems, but I don’t think it matters for the compiler.

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I’m not sure, but I’m guessing L1/etc cache might play a role?