Binary performance optimizer BOLT for Crystal

Hey guys!

Have anyone seen this: <-- this is original repo than the fork I provided earlier.

I think it may be quite interesting experiment to apply this to Crystal app to see if there any performance improvement can be applied.

I have heard of this tool but never really looked at it. I saw this talk and he says binary layout causes massive performance problems. At least way more then I thought.

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Cool! I will check that video. But I found that idea quite interesting as this is exectly what HotSpot Java and NodeJS are doing. They do rough optimization during initial compilation and execution and then monitoring performance during the code execution. If they found problematic hot spot, they recompile it with better execution profile guided optimization. The longer you run the app the faster it working (nee server apps)

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I just finished to watch that video. That stabilizer tool is cool. It can be used in parallel to figure out what parts of code are dependable on binary layout.

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I would like to bring some of those ideas to Crystal. I think there is a coz profiler integration.