Book: Programming Crystal


I’m delighted to announce that Programming Crystal, written by Ivo Balbaert and myself, is now available in print as well as electronically:

We tried to keep the book accessible to a broad audience, assuming programming knowledge but not Ruby mastery. We provide a broad overview of how to apply the language, with special attention given to Crystal’s strong interest in type safety. Ivo interviewed companies working with Crystal today, and their stories at the end of each chapter give real-world context to a very new language.

It’s brief - 226 pages - and we hope it will be a solid introduction for anyone approaching the language.

Thank you,
Simon St.Laurent


Thanks for the first book on Crystal from pragprog!

Although I would have enjoyed more technical content in book I also find the interviews part very interesting and important as I believe that’s what Crystal needs a lot right now:

People sharing their stories on how they use pre 1.0 programming language in production :fearful: and what are their experience (spoiler - it’s very positive!).