Bsearch issues

I’m trying to convert this Ruby code to Crystal.

haystack = [0,1,4,5,6,7,8,9,12,26,45,67,78,90,98,123,211,234,456,769,865,2345,3215,14345,24324]
needles = [0,42,45,24324,99999]{|needle| haystack.bsearch{|hay| needle <=> hay} } # => [0, 45, 24324]

This code will run in Crystal, but not give the same (desired) result.

According to the Crystal docs for bsearch

you can’t use the <=> operator, and only shows examples using >=, >, <, and <=.

Does the current implementation of bsearch allow for searching for equality? and if so can you provide an example for this code example?


Maybe we should reconsider it.

If functionality doesn’t exist, I’m always open to adding it. If lets say sorting works slightly differently, I think the developer is just going to have to account for language differences and write their code to handle it accordingly. Thoughts?