Chicago Crystal Podcast with Ary Borenszweig

I had blast interviewing Ary and hosting our talk at Chicago Crystal.

During these times we are not gathering people for a meetup so we are taking the people that support us and retooled for podcasts. We are working to make this sustainable and something that will continue even when lockdowns are gone. But please subscribe and hear what Ary has to say about Crystal and programming.


That’s very cool! Any chance of getting an RSS feed or something for the podcast for us non-iOS people?

If you go to our website there is a link to the RSS feed, google podcast player, and spotify.


I thought it was interesting where people are listening from and wanted to share.


subscribed - great first episode!

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We have recently gotten the ability to upload to youtube!!
We were able to go back and make a video out of the interview with Ary and upload it to YouTube. This is awesome for getting people not already in the Crystal community informed about what is going on.