Compile data an read it

Hi, my question is a bit special. I would like to now if it’s possible to compile some data, like a big array for example, and read the data from a crystal script ?

Because yesterday at night I had an idea to improve the process of a package manager to improve a lot the dependencies calculation.

It’s when the user ask to install something, the software record all dependencies it found. And next time, it use this recorded data to save calculation time.

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Funnily enough, I’ve been trying to develop something like this! It’s probably something you could do at compile time with macro logic but then you would have to recompile the application every time you want to add/update/remove data. You would be better off using some kind of markup language or intermediate data format for this.

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Hmmm yeah I think definitely you have true. So I think I will use again json files for that

If performance is the point, you should use msgpack instead.

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Hi ! Thanks for your suggestion.

Just one question. What is msgpack ? I am not sure to understand

Is it like an alternative to the json format?

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I think maybe I will need help to optimize my dependencies calculation algorithm as well. Suggestions … stuff like that.

The fact is, the calculation is longer than a normal package manager because it have to do the same as the portage project from gentoo, calculate dependencies depending of the options you enabled

Can I post the dependencies algorithm function, if you want to have a look ?

I am not familiar with dependencies calculation, maybe you can refer how shards command do it, following post probably will help too.

I think I will do a dedicated post for that. Thanks zw963