Cross compiling for second tier

It would be nice if crystal supplied binaries for “tier 2” platforms. Even if it doesn’t run tests against them.

If not, then perhaps add a description of how to cross compile them? Does the version of LLVM have to match, for instance? How do you use it with the stdlib?



Which ones are you particluarly interested in?

x86_64-linux-musl and aarch64-darwin are covered by the linux and macos release builds which are universal with regards to libc and architecture, respectively. I think those two might also be promoted to Tier 1 (we don’t have automated testing for aarch64-darwin though).

There’s an open ticket for building distribution packages for arm/aarch: Integrate aarch64 into the building /release process · Issue #125 · crystal-lang/distribution-scripts · GitHub We have a host system available for that, it just needs to be integrated into the CI and release workflow.

Getting around with i386-linux is a bit rough nowadays and not a priority.

Yeah, I suppose we could have a dedicated manual for building the compiler.

Library versions always have to match when cross-compiling (not necessarily the exact same version is required, but ABI compatibility).

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i386 :slight_smile:


Ouch, that’s a tough one