Croupier, a tasks / dataflow library

I posted this on reddit but a comment said the forum was where people are nowadays, so here it is :slight_smile:

I have published the 1st sort-of-feature-complete version of Croupier at GitHub - ralsina/croupier: A library to create and execute tasks with dependencies

You may wonder what a tasks / dataflow library is?

Well, it lets you define tasks which are procs and connect them in a dependency graph. Some of these tasks may consume/produce files or values from a k/v store.

So, when you tell Croupier to “run” it will examine the state of the whole system and execute exactly the things that are needed, in an order that guarantees their dependencies are ready for them.

Why? Well, for example for another project, GitHub - ralsina/nicolino: A not-quite-minimalisting SSG written in Crystal. In a SSG you want to take markdown files, images, CSS, JS, etc, smush them through templates and generate HTML. Also you want to classify them into categories, and create indexes, and so on.

Doing that in a large site takes time, so you want to build things incrementally when needed.

Using a dataflow library like Croupier you don’t need to care about how to do that. Just create the tasks, link them via dependencies, declare what file it generates, and ask it to run things.

Here’s a toy example:

require "croupier"

b1 ={
  puts "task1 running""input.txt").downcase
  output: "fileA",
  inputs: ["input.txt"],
  proc: b1

b2 ={
  puts "task2 running""fileA").upcase
  output: "fileB",
  inputs: ["fileA"],
  proc: b2


Moving that complexity into a generic library means Nicolino can stay small and each feature is just a small fragment of uncoupled code with defined inputs and outputs.

I know it’s a pretty niche thing, but maybe someone will find it useful.


One thing you may consider doing to improve the DX is to allow to accept a block, vs needing to manually pass it a proc. E.g. output: "fileA", inputs: ["input.txt"] do 
  puts "task1 running""input.txt").downcase

This could be a pretty easy integration since captured blocks are essentially procs, so would be able to pass the captured block to the existing constructor’s proc parameter.

ref: Capturing blocks - Crystal

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Good point, thx!

How similar is this to Rakefiles?

This is not similar at all but it could be used as the basis for something like that. In fact …

GitHub - ralsina/hace: Hace is sort-of-make-like implemented using ralsina/croupier :smiley:

UPDATE well, I didn’t remember rakefiles correctly I guess!

Yeah, this could be somewhat like rakefiles I guess. Of course with Crystal being compiled that’s very uncomfortable.

Done: Add support for passing blocks to tasks · ralsina/croupier@e89e2b7 · GitHub