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Crystal 0.29.0 has been released!

We’ve written a blog post summarizing the changes in this release:

The full changelog is here:

All the usual installation methods still apply:

Docker images and 64 bits linux packages are available as usual.

There are a couple of things pending still:

  • The brew formula hasn’t been updated yet (I need to update osx & xcode before submitting the PR ¬¬)

I will post updates here.


Homebrew PR sent: :eyes:


Hombrew formula and bottle updated :rocket:


Is there a way to pin the Crystal version with Homebrew to 0.28.0? I’m not able to update until AmberFramework + Granite has completed their patch. The alternative for me is ASDF Version Manager except it uses LLVM 3 which causes a few other issues which I’d like to avoid.

You can checkout and use formulas from the past as stated with:

Other alternatives is to download darwin tar.gz from github and use it directly. That still uses llvm 3.9.1 for now but is in the radar to be upgraded.

The third alternative is to use docker.

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Do I ever need to upgrade BoehmGC when upgrading Crystal?
I’m building crystal locally.

Awesome! Keep up the great work!

Currently the linux distros are shipped with 7.6.12 as stated in

Homebrew push always to latest so 8.x is already been used there.

In 0.28 a custom patch was introduced to make the GC play nice with the future crystal multi-threading support, as long as you don’t need that you are probably safe without updating the GC.

The link in the distribution-script seems like a good source to check if a bump is needed. Due to MT eventually a 8.x version of the GC will be required.

Thanks for the link, thats usefull.

Is there a link to the Boehm patch? Has it been adopted upstream?