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Crystal 1.0.0 has been released!

We’ve written a blog post summarizing the changes in this release: Crystal 1.0 - What to expect - The Crystal Programming Language

The full changelog is here: Release 1.0.0 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub

:warning: Note that this release will be available in the new apt and rpm repositories post, as well as GitHub release artifacts. We still need to decide yet-another new home for the apt and rpm repositories due to sunset of bintray

:whale: Docker images and 64 bits Linux packages are available as usual. But who knows, now that we are 1.0 we can apply to official docker images and have $ docker run crystal. That would be so nice…

:beer: The brew formula PR is in crystal: 1.0.0 by bcardiff · Pull Request #73676 · Homebrew/homebrew-core · GitHub

:dragon: LLVM 11 support is not complete yet due to #10359. For production release builds we recommend using LLVM <= 10 for now.



Great, congrats! :partying_face: :rocket:


Awesome news. Congrats to the creators and the great community here.