Crystal 1.11.1 released

We have a new patch release: Crystal 1.11.1 is released! - The Crystal Programming Language

This release includes fixes for some regression bugs introduced in 1.11.0. Thanks for the timely bug reports :bowing_man:

While we have tested it against several known and sizeable projects, that doesn’t preclude the existence of regressions. If you find an issue, please check the issue tracker and file a bug: it will be fixed in the following patch version.

Builds are available on the supported platforms, check the install page for details. That includes docker images :whale:, snapcraft, .deb and .rpm packages, Windows builds and the brew formula :beer:.

Happy Crystallizing!


I get this when trying to compile it with Crystal 1.11.0

Error: abstract `def Object#hash(hasher)` must be implemented by ReferenceStorage(T)

I think I’ll have to first downgrade via a binary release, then upgrade ^_^;

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Yes, a 1.11.0 compiler can only build a 1.11.0 compiler. That bug is fixed in 1.11.1.


Note: Termux always uses 1.10.1 as the base compiler instead of the latest stable, so it shouldn’t be affected

Can i know which termux use crystal?