Crystal 1.7.1 released

A new patch of Crystal is on the streets. We’ve written a blog post summarizing the changes in this patch release: Crystal 1.7.1 released! - The Crystal Programming Language . While we have tested it against several known and sizeable projects, that doesn’t preclude the existence of regressions. If you find an issue, please check the issue tracker and file a bug: it will be fixed in the following patch version.

The full changelog is here: Release 1.7.1 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub .

It is already available on most of the supported platforms, check the install page for details. That includes docker images :whale:, snapcraft, .deb and .rpm packages. The brew formula is still brewing :beer:.

Happy Crystallizing!


After building the interpreterwith:
git clone
and make interpreter=1,
bin/crystal --version now says:
Crystal 1.8.0-dev [d772c722c] (2023-01-17)
LLVM: 14.0.0
Default target: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

Should it not point to .1.7.1?

Hi @kees, master always point to the last dev version, and that’s 1.8.0-dev. The patch 1.7.1 exists only in the release/1.7 branch. Still, for the interpreter I suggest you keep with the latest dev version. There’s already a bugfix in 1.8.0-dev that isn’t present in 1.7.1. So you’re good :+1:


@beta-ziliani thanks for your reply, I asked this because after the release of 1.7.0, I did the same and
bin/crystal --version then said:
Crystal 1.7.0 [016578f85] (2023-01-09)
LLVM: 14.0.0
Default target: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu

Probably there was no dev 1.8.0 branch at that moment.

That is correct. The process is the following:

  |__ release/1.7
  |   (add release notes, update VERSION to 1.7.0)
  | /     |  
  |/      |
  |       |
1.7.0 (the ephemeral moment of the non-dev version in master)
  |       |
1.8.0-dev |
  |     1.7.1 (uh oh a regression was found!)
  |     / |
  |   /   |
  | /     |
 ...     ...

Hope it’s clear :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t that mean 1.7.1 won’t be represented in the changelog file in master tho?

Good observation! Updated.