Crystal 1.9.0 released

We have a new release: Crystal 1.9.0 is released! - The Crystal Programming Language
While we have tested it against several known and sizeable projects, that doesn’t preclude the existence of regressions. If you find an issue, please check the issue tracker and file a bug: it will be fixed in the following patch version.

The full changelog is available here: Release 1.9.0 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub

Builds are already available on the supported platforms, check the install page for details. That includes docker images :whale:, snapcraft, .deb and .rpm packages and the brew formula :beer:.
There’s a new addition: the Windows installer! :window: (please note that Windows support is still experimental)

Happy Crystallizing!


WOO HOO! Maybe I can get my Windows friend interested in it now that there’s better Windows support ^_^

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If I had crystal on windows using the scoop package, does the installer offer anything extra?

Not really. It’s just a different method for getting pretty much the same thing. I think the only additional content are the offline API docs and example programs which are not available in the scoop package.

The installer also has options to control which components to install. So you could opt out of some that you don’t need. In scoop everything is a single package (at the moment).
I don’t think this would be tremendously useful though.

Tree diff
--- scoop
+++ installer