Crystal-db 0.13 has been released!

crystal-lang/crystal-db v0.13.1 has been released and the following drivers are up to date :tada:

The highlights of this release cycle are:

  • (breaking-change) Deprecate DB.mapping. (#196, thanks @straight-shoota)
  • (breaking-change) Drop Pool#checkout_some, make PoolStatement a struct. (#200, thanks @bcardiff)
  • Simplifications and performance improvements on pool statements. (#200, thanks @bcardiff)
  • Allow `prepared_statements_cache=false`` option to disable prepared statements cache. (#194, #198, thanks @bcardiff)
  • Add exception cause support to PoolResourceLost and ConnectionLost constructors. (#199, thanks @lachlan)
  • Fix inflight counter on ConnectionRefused. (#184, thanks @jgaskins)
  • Fix max_idle_pool_size race condition. (#186, thanks @bcardiff)

Notes for driver implementors

  • Use new constructors to preserve the underlying reason of a PoolResourceLost or ConnectionLost constructors (See #199)