Crystal not use same Regex engine as Ruby?

Following method failed because \k<INDEX> is not valid for Crystal, but it works with Ruby.

def first_non_repeating_char_1(str)
  # Use a Regex negative look-ahead assertion to find the position
  # where the next char is different with current char, do it twice.
  idx = /(.)(?!a)(.)(?!b)/i =~ str
  str[idx + 1]

str = 'aaabbbccrdddeeefdddccceeeaaakfffl'
assert_equal 'r', first_non_repeating_char_1(str)
 19 | idx = /(.)(?!\k<-1>)(.)(?!\k<-1>)/i =~ str
Error: invalid regex: subpattern name expected at 9

Why Crystal not support it? any alternative?

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Crystal Regex uses the PCRE engine while Ruby uses Onigmo. You’d have rework the regex to be PCRE compliant. can help with this, just be sure to select PCRE version and not Javascript as it defaults to.

Related: Upgrade `Regex` engine · Issue #11331 · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub


I thought Onigoma is some engine number used by PCRE … :joy: