Crystal on phone

Hi everyone. Recently one of my friend who use to do painting art exposition will need an app for phones (ios and android).

Can be doable with Crystal do you think ?

Android, probably, Ios I dont think so. But unless you have a very specfic usecase for Crystal so would I personally deter from using Crystal nativly on android or ios.

The best approach is likely to use react-native or flutter. Alternativly a more native solution with swift and Kotlin or Java, in my opinion.

Although if the app has to interact with a server so could you build that server in Crystal.

If you have dead lines, etc… I would not recommend, but if it’s a pet project or just an experiment, be brave and go for it, someone needs to help pave this road.

I don’t have dead line, but definitely I can’t take that time to make a full API at the moment.

And I need to develop for ios and android.

So react-native or flutter are the most appropriate?

There’s also Capacitor.js, which isn’t too bad.