Custom PRNG binary output

I have a prng that i would like to port to crystal.
Testing the output of that prng ( to e.g. dieharder ) requires binary bytes ( 0x00…0xFF).
I came up with this solution.
I was wondering if this is okay for the sole purpose of converting 64bit unsigned integers into raw byte sequence.

Hi! Could you provide some code of that random generator, and show where are you needing this? Otherwise it’s not clear how we can help you or what exactly you need.

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# based on lehmer congruential prng
# it's fast and reasonable secure
# it outputs 8 random bytes per round

def out_put(x)
  STDOUT.write_bytes(x.to_u64, IO::ByteFormat::BigEndian)


loop do
  x_state^=x_seed >> (x_state % 8)
  x_state&*= x_const_big
  x_state&+= x_const_small << (x_state % 8)
  out_put(x_state >> 64)

run the prng through dieharder:

crystal build --release ./ -o ./crprng.out
./crprng.out | dieharder -g 200 -a

The out_put function needs to produce 8bit bytes

The standard output is an IO. You can write to it directly:

STDOUT.write_bytes((x_state >> 64).to_u64, IO::ByteFormat::BigEndian)

No need for reopening any integer classes.

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