"Defined In" section in crystal doc remains empty

Hey fellow crystalists,

I am generating documentation for my first shard, using crystal doc, and the “Defined In” section remains empty, as seen in this screenshot:


I thought maybe the presence of the --canonical-base-url flag, will fix that - but it did not.

I was unable to find help in the Documenting Code book page, and I have seen other shards that have their “Defined In” section filled.

Any tips?

This should usually work without issues or special configuration.

Is the source code available?

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Yes, fresh from the oven:

Are you running crystal docs in the directory where the .git directory is located? The compiler runs git remote -v to know where to point source code.


Oh! That was the missing piece.
I ran crystal doc in the correct folder, and it had .git, but it was before I had a git remote.

Now it is fixed.

Thanks a lot!

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