Destruct MacroLiteral

I am trying to destruct an ast tree into its smallest pieces using the transform library. Most astnode can be destructed using body, members or similar but I can’t find any method for MacroLiteral to destruct it into pieces.

@meatball133, there is no MacroLiteral but instead the SDK has Macro which has #args, #block_arg, #body etc as properties you can use to decompose the macro declaration. Is this what you mean?

When working with the transformer there is such an element as MacroLiteral. I was able to fix my problem anyway since I realized that I didn’t need to destruct it in a particular way.

When you say transformer, can you tell me more about it? I’m curious. Is this tool or library?

It is a tool which makes you able to modify ast nodes. It is part of the compiler and can be found here: crystal/ at master · crystal-lang/crystal · GitHub