Do something during a running process

Hi, today I have a special request. I would like when one of my Process is running to run infinitely a function while the process isn’t finish. How can I do that ?

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I think you could probably do this via then looping until process.terminated?. E.g.

process = "sleep 3", shell: true

until process.terminated?
  puts Time.utc
  sleep 0

Which starts the process, then will print the current time a bunch of times until the process sleeps 3 seconds and exits. The sleep 0 is important to give an exit out of the loop when the process actually finishes. Otherwise it’ll loop indefinitely, probably because the process happens in its own fiber or something so the scheduler never has a chance to update the process info to say it actually finished. Tho really, it may not be required depending on what you’re wanting to do. E.g. other operations may also work.


Thank you so much