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Duplicate attribute: development_dependencies in shard.yml

Hi guys.
I’m having an issue that reports duplicated dependencies, but this happens when running shards install after adding as a dependency.
As far as I’ve looked into this issue, I found that Shrine has a development dependency to spectator: gitlab: arctic-fox/spectator but It also has a dependency to one of it’s own repos content_disposition: github: jetrockets/ branch: master which duplicates the development dependency to arctic-fox/spectator.
It then reports the issue.

Any guess on how could I get this repo to work? Shrine seems to be very useful but why would the programmer be responsible for redundant development dependencies of nested dependencies?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Add a version to the dependency. I.e.

    github: jetrockets/
    version: ~> 0.6.0

This error was a problem in the 0.2.3 version. By specifying a version it allows the resolver to ignore those older versions. Otherwise it needs to resolve the whole tree to determine the most recent compatible version.

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Thank you. Just found the discussion under a closed PR

And thanks a lot for your quick response. Very useful. I appreciate it.