Error: undefined method '-' for NIL when running a spec

I’ve implemented the Unary Operators Example:
module Vector
struct Vector2
getter x, y
def initialize(@x : Int32, @y : Int32)
# Unary operator. Returns the inverted vector to self.
def - : self, -y)

v1 =,2)
puts -v1

And it compiles and runs with the expected result: Vector::Vector2(@x=-1, @y=-2)

When I run it as a spec:
require “./spec_helper”

describe Vector do
it “negating a vector” do
v1 =, 2)
-v1.should eq, -2)

I get the following error:
In spec/

6 | -v1.should eq, -2)
Error: undefined method ‘-’ for Nil

Is this a bug or something fundamental I’m missing?

I think the issue is that -v1.should eq, -2) is being treated as -.(v1.should eq, -2)) of which #should returns Nil. If you re-write the line to be (-v1).should eq, -2) it works fine.

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Doh, fundamental misunderstanding it is. Thanks for the quick response. I’ve been beating my head against this for about a day.