Generics type parameter Inherite?

I wrote following code:

class Klass1(T, U); end
class Klass2(U) < Klass1(Nil, U)
  def map(&block : T -> V) forall T, V
    p T
end {|x| x} # => get Nil

Why does T become Nil?
I expected T to become free type parameter.

I don’t think free variables can be determined from block arguments. Seems like it falls back to using the generic argument T from the parent type, which is obviously not intended in this case. This looks like a bug.
The code should probably result in a compile error that T can’t be resolved, like with this code:

def foo(&block : T -> _) forall T # undefined constant T
  p T

foo{|x| x}

The exact error message could certainly be improved and tailored to this specific case, but I think that’s the direction.

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Ok, I understand.
Thank you for your answer.

I opened an issue for the more general case: