GH syntax highlighing


Didn’t know where exactly to ask this. I noticed GitHub’s syntax highlighting of crystal has an issue with the %|my string| format for pipe-delimited percent string literals.

See this example:

Seems like only pipe has the issue. How does the community manage the syntax highlighting?

According to Github’s linguist repo¹ they use this here for crystal syntax highlighting:

You might want to file an issue (or better send a PR) there. A couple of member of the crystal-lang-tools organization on GH are here on this forum as well. They might be able to help you out if needed.


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Awesome, thanks for the reference. The issue doesn’t appear in Atom for me using the latest package. github/linguis says:

Grammars are updated every time we build the Linguist gem so upstream bug fixes are automatically incorporated as they are fixed.

So that tells me it should be fixed eventually.