Great homepage for a programming language

Here is an example for a fantastic homepage of a programming language. Also check out the learn by example section.

I am looking as Balerina compiler source code and examples and I have deja vu all over again:
Here is the example:

    llvm:LLVMTypeRef taggedUnionType = getTaggedStructType(taggedType);
    llvm:LLVMValueRef tempStructAllocation = llvm:llvmBuildAlloca(builder, taggedUnionType, ("tempStructOf"+taggedType));
    llvm:LLVMTypeRef typePointerToTaggedUnion = llvm:llvmTypeOf(tempStructAllocation);
    taggedTypeToTypePointerMap[taggedType] = typePointerToTaggedUnion;

In this case I mean llvm::LLVMValueRef

Looks like Ballerina is influenced by Crystal.

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What features do you especially like about that website? Is there anything we could use as inspiration to improve

I like some of the features they’re advertising, particularly Batteries Included and Developer friendly. That fits for Crystal as well.
Apart from that, the other paragraphs are IMO pretty vague. The home page doesn’t even show much of the language’s syntax except for a short type definition.

If “Cloud” is mentioned more than 5 times in one page, my brain switches into executive mode, i.e. Off.

Other than that, its a clean page, looks tech-y, even has some diagrams.
I would call it over-designed aimed at tech/engineer types.

Don’t like it very much. But Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say.

I like the aesthetics of the home page and the content of the “by example” page:

If Crystal had something similar, i am confident that it will be adopted quicker. We have this repo - but it’s not comprehensive enough.