GTK4 0.9.0 released

GTK is a library set of libraries used to create UI, base of the well known Gnome desktop.

GTK4 shard is a binding for these libraries based on information given by gobject introspection, but this is too much information for a release anouncement.

So, I think that’s the first version I can tell someone: “Hey, try this for a desktop app in Crystal”, and that’s it, version 0.9.0 was just released :slight_smile:


I will definitely try this!

Thank you!

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Really cool!

Thank you !!!

Version 0.10.0 just released, now it’s possible to create GObject signals in Crystal :tada:


Out of curiosity are you aware of Glimmer DSL on the ruby side? Nice dsl over gtk.


No, I wasn’t, seems a very interesting project, I don’t know how it would behave with more complex projects and widget hierarchies… anyway it’s possible to write something similar on top of crystal/gtk4 shard.

Works like a charm! It so easy, i only spend less than 2 minutes, make it work!


I use Arch linux + GNOME 3 + Wayland.