Guidelines for presenting crystal to the world

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I sat down and wrote guidelines on how we as a community should present crystal to the world.

I wanted something simple and easy to understand. That is how these guidelines came to be. I think having a document like this and being able to refer to it will be hugely helpful for anyone lrepresenting crystal or looking to improve its image.

This is my humble attempt. The ideas are simple, but what’s simple to do is simple not to do. I hope you benefit from it in some way


I’m not sure I agree with the example for more soccintess writing section. I’m sure there is a better example that doesn’t involve just taking the first sentence from the home page, making it shorter then saying it doesn’t mean anything because you made it shorter… Also isn’t that section at odds with the Do not sacrifice clarity for briefness one?

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Do you want to make this collaborative? I feel something like this should be on the crystal website.

Definitely! That was the end goal.

background: A lot of discussion around this happenned on the crystal discord server.

I want to make this a collaborative community effort that everyone can pitch in on. Maybe, in a few weeks we’ll be able to polish it up. After that we’ll put it somewhere prominent (like the crystal website)