How output the spec use the documentation format? as rspec?

Hi, when i run my spec, many output/warning there, i want to know which one belongs to which spec, rspec have one option, like this:

$ rspec --help
Usage: rspec [options] [files or directories]

    -f, --format FORMATTER           Choose a formatter
                                       [p]rogress (default - dots)
                                       [d]ocumentation (group and example names)
                                       custom formatter class name

When you run it with rspec -f d, it will print use documentation as following:

> ruby factorial.rb -f d

  eats lots of healthy food
  writes many articles

Finished in 0.00154 seconds (files took 0.09898 seconds to load)
2 examples, 0 failures

I could not found same options for Crystal spec.


I think that would be the --verbose flag.

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Oops, it works! I even wondered if I had asked the question before, but I couldn’t find it …