How to get spec run against all test cases

I’m doing exercises in exercism and when I run crystal spec, it run against only the first test and rest is in pending, how do I force it to run against all test cases. I’m a newbie so please guide me in the right direction.

crystal spec

  Acronym lowercase words
  Acronym punctuation
  Acronym all caps word
  Acronym punctuation without whitespace
  Acronym very long abbreviation
  Acronym consecutive delimiters
  Acronym apostrophes
  Acronym underscore emphasis

Finished in 253 microseconds
9 examples, 0 failures, 0 errors, 8 pending


Replace the tag “pending” with “it” in the test file. You could perhaps do some find and replace to make it a bit faster, but that is the main way if you don’t want to use the online editor.

@meatball133 Thank you. It worked.