I'm Javier Valencia

Hi there!

I’m Javier Valencia, I love crystal and I use it on my business.

I’m a long time Rubyist, but I jumped to Kemal and Amber.

I’m using Golang in the same quantity/time as Crystal.

I think I can help some to our community.


That’s a nice poem :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Javier,

Great to hear that you have used both Go and Crystal. I currently use Go for doing backend work, but have been looking into trying out Crystal. I have seen basic Kemal docs, and I really like what I have seen. It appears to be a great framework, but I have not yet tried it. Can you compare your experience in Crystal and Go? Are there reasons (any projects) for which you would still choose Go over Crystal; or do you think that Crystal is mature enough to replace Go for any type of web application project.

Thank you.


At begin of 2017, I have a whole rails app (web+api), and I start to rewrite the API on golang using gin-gonic, but when I finished this I rewrite again the API but in Kemal. I gain on readabiliy, maintainability with best development times, and about the performance and stability aspects maybe both languages are similar (crystal appear about 10% execution faster). Finally I adopt a crystal API.

At now (from begin 2018), thanks to nginx reverse proxy, y can rewrite parts of rails app to crystal throught amber. I’m doing faster than I think initially.

I can see the results in the invoices of my servers, and that savings is now in my payroll.