Is LLVM getting slow?

Is Crystal compilation getting slower?

I have noticed getting back into more Crystal programming that my projects seem slower. I don’t have any hard stats on this.

Some googling has made me think the introduction of opaque pointers has made llvm considerably slower.

Has anyone else noticed the compilation times getting slower? and done any looking into the reasons?

LLVM 14 does not use opaque pointers yet, slowness should not be introduced by them at the moment. But when that happens, it is natural to expect some kind of performance loss that has to be regained by removing all pointer bitcasts.

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That is good to know. Is there a slowdown in general with crystal? This seems like it would be hard to measure. The more features that are added the more specs are added.

I think you would have to add a benchmark and then compile it over many crystal versions.

@asterite (the author of Crystal) special care the performance of Crystal, don’t worry about of it.

I am also in favor of having a benchmark for different version’s Crystal. there are many benchmark for Crystal with other langs although.