Is there a Obfuscation solution for Crystal? or equivalent? or is there a need for it?

Thank you

What do you need/want to obfuscate? The source code of your application or?

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What my friend want is:

Protection for trade secrets

Where the source code of a program must be sent to the user, for example JavaScript in a web page, any trade secret, licensing mechanism or other intellectual property contained within the program is accessible to the user. Obfuscation makes it harder to understand the code and make modifications to it.

Desktop programs sometimes include features that help to obfuscate their code. Some programs may not store their entire code on disk, and may pull a portion of their binary code via the web at runtime. They may also use compression and/or encryption, adding additional steps to the disassembly process.

Well I mean if you’re able to read a compiled Crystal program as if it was Crystal syntax, then you’re on some other level :sweat_smile:. Not sure there’s really a need to obfuscate binaries. Could maybe decompile the binary back into LLVM-IR? But I highly doubt there’s a way to go back to Crystal source from a binary.

Yes, this is my question, not sure about it, so ask question here