Is there a way to Digest large files?

Anyone know how to stream a large file and get a Digest from it? since we cant a file like over 2GB. I went through the docs but didn’t see a way to pass a IO to Digest::Base

There was a limit to files contents being under a 32bit number but I dont know if that is still a limit. What error are you getting?

i tried to do it via:

require "digest/sha1"
require "digest/md5"

large_file = "3gb.file"
file =

slice =

digest = Digest::SHA1.base64digest do |ctx|
  while (slice)
    ctx.update slice

puts digest.to_slice.hexstring

But it throws the same Arithmetic error i get when doing of the 3gb file

The error in particular is:

Unhandled exception: Arithmetic overflow (OverflowError)
  from ../../../../../../../../../usr/local/Cellar/crystal/0.35.1_1/src/digest/ in 'update_impl'
  from ../../../../../../../../../usr/local/Cellar/crystal/0.35.1_1/src/digest/ in 'update'
  from ../../../../../../../../../play:19:9 in '__crystal_main'
  from ../../../../../../../../../usr/local/Cellar/crystal/0.35.1_1/src/crystal/ in 'main_user_code'
  from ../../../../../../../../../usr/local/Cellar/crystal/0.35.1_1/src/crystal/ in 'main'
  from ../../../../../../../../../usr/local/Cellar/crystal/0.35.1_1/src/crystal/ in 'main'

Looks like files are now 64 bit capable

But slices are not.

It’s a bug in the sha1 code, it should be using wrapping arithmetic. Could you please report it? Thank you!

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This line:

Should be:

      @length_low &+= 8

And similarly for the += 1 a bit below that.

@asterite perfect. wanted to confirm it was a bug before opening.

A current work around is to use OpenSSL do |f|
  slice =
  io =, "MD5")

  while ( > 0; end

  puts io.hexdigest
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@kalinon Not related to your original inquiry, but you might want to check out Blake3 if you’re going to be hashing large files regularly. @Didactic.Drunk has an implementation for Crystal.

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