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Is vscode-crystal-lang repository still active?

I don’t see any activities from the maintaineer since Oct 2019

Does it do what you need it to do?

Small note: code completion, jumping to declaration etc. etc. does not work for real projects (maybe it works for demo source code with few lines of code, but then it ends). Debugging support is also low (but according to the another threads in this forum, someone is working on it).

Debugger is mostly working. I am just polishing some little glitches but using debugger to debug crystal compiler itself.

Plugin can use builtin feature of crystal (you can access compiler classes from any crystal code if needed) so scry can reuse it. I am planning to work on native Crystal debugger but I may spend some time on the vscode plugin before working on debugger so it will speed up my debugger development.


but I may spend some time on the vscode plugin before working on debugger

Oh, that would be awesome!!!

A big penalizing lack in Crystal, is the support of auto-completion in a good IDE (like VS code, the most used). To make the Crystal programming comfortable: the doc API on mouse-over and goto définition, would be a significant plus.

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I will try to prioritize the features to start with the small feature (I mean easy to implement) that has maximum priority. I am thinking that Ctrl+Click (go to definition) is the one of them. It will tremendously improve the usability of the language. After that all other requested features can be implemented.

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Shouldn’t this be possible with scry?

I can do a “go to definition” in vim, but I have to admit that I’m not sure what exactly is responsible for delivering that information.

It should but it does not work. I will have to investigate why. I am planning to debug scry to see what is wrong there.