Issue in the FFI in OpenSSL/Libcrypto or thereabouts

The app is Mail Server. Need help techies new to Crystal with several issues.

E.g.: Issue in the FFI in OpenSSL/Libcrypto or thereabouts.

Can you please help me with this project?

It would help if you mention what the actual error/issue is. Ideally with a small example that reproduces the issue.

I wrote an agent pooling system based on from crystal-db a week ago. However, right now it does not support timeouts or handling agent disconnects. It would be great if you could take a look at implementing those features.

Also–can you share a bit of a screen recording or writeup on how you used the reverse debugger to figure out the slice/memory issue? Really cool.

If it’s based on crystal-db’s implementation, which has timeout and retries, why not just use that instead of rolling your own?

Do you mean me? Because I think you have the wrong person, as I never did that.

@business.comp516 the DB::Pool can be used directly with other resources that are not DB::Connection. You can see an example at crystal-db/ at 3e9ed7a304dd4fa595cba0042872e3731a8aa518 · crystal-lang/crystal-db · GitHub or read about that in the PR that introduced a couple of changes to ensure that this is possible Allow DB::Pool to be used a generic connection pool by jgaskins · Pull Request #131 · crystal-lang/crystal-db · GitHub

I don’t think there is a need for an AgentPool::AgentPool(T).

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