Looking for a OS with IDE for Crystal


I am looking for a development environment for Crystal including operating system and graphic interface. Nice would be an integrated solution, but I would be enough for a usable editor with execution possibility.

I would like to do the following things:
Operating system with rolling update. SQLITE3 and Crystal directly installable, if possible directly without further installers like Homebrew.

Which operating system is best for this purpose? So far I’m on FreeBSD, but I’m having problems with VirtualBox and the GUI. Ultimately, I want to be free of the environment. For portability, VirtualBox is just fine.

What would be your suggestion for such an environment?

Thank you for your support.

Hey, welcome to the Crystal forum!

Crystal packages are available for most major operating systems/distributions/package managers (see https://crystal-lang.org/reference/installation/). SQLite should be even wider available, as well as most common IDE software. You just need to pick what works for you. Crystal plugins exists for example for VS Code, Atom, Sublime Text, JetBrains. (I guess it might be good to have a separate overview of IDE options).

So the only real restriction from your requirement list are rolling releases. Popular choices for this are Arch Linux and derivates (such as Manjaro), and Gentoo. Arch & Co are used by many in the Crystal community (see also What's your favourite/recommended Linux Distro?).

But in the end, it depends on what system you want to use, ant not as much what works with Crystal…

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Sorry for the late reply. First of all thanks for the quick answer. Currently I look at Fedora 30, it should also be a rolling release. Although it is far too much from the environment, but for the entry into Crystal certainly a basis.

I would be very happy if Crystal would prevail more and more. I like the simplicity and the ability to have both an interpreter and a compiler.

Good luck with further programming.

There is no interpreter, only a compiler.

But maybe one day…