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[POLL] Which IDE are you using with Crystal?

Hi pals!

I’m just curious on which plugin we need to concentrate more, so:

Which IDE you use for Crystal?
  • Vim based
  • Emacs based
  • Textmate
  • Sublime Text
  • Atom
  • VS Code
  • IntelliJ family of IDE

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I use Geany :cry:

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Sorry :grin:

I use Geany

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Sorry I cannot change a poll. For everything not mentioned (like Geany), please comment in the post.

If I may, my current take on this is that focus probably be put on one of the language server implementations.
The language server protocol can be used by a wide selection of editors, so the choice of editors matters less than the choice of the language server.

Currently available for Crystal (afaik) are scry and crystalline.

I’m currently using crystalline, since, even though it crashes (and reloads) several times during development, it offers better autocompletion and hover information.

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On which O.S.?

Arch Linux.
But I don’t really notice crystalline crashing, since Sublime Text LSP just restarts it, or at least I think it does.
Works good enough

VS code, Crystalline on Ubuntu

I use VS Code because it is what currently works best. If another editor/IDE were to become better for Crystal then I would use that.

vscode wins

My idea is to have all plugins with the same basic features (sintax highlighting, snippets …) at the same level, and to have external tools to get more advanced features (LSP, debugging, static analysis) so that everyone can choose the editor that suits him best.

However, keep in mind that no programming language that I know has plugins for all editors / ide because the effort to keep them updated is considerable, so there will always be a “recommended” editor or on which there are more efforts because the adoption is greater .

That will be always probably “the reccomended” editor for Crystal

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I use write/use Tijolo :laughing: . But nowadays the editor doesn’t matter, if you want a better Crystal support on any editor, contribute to Crystalline or SCry, the Crystal language servers available nowadays.


Better decide to concentrate the efforts on only one