[POLL] Which LSP / analyzer are you using with Crystal?

Next step to know is about LSP / Analysis tools.

Please insert your comment about problems you know of.

Please, select what you are using:

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While I mainly use Scry (as I’ve indicated in the poll), I’m also open to using Crystalline if it proves better than Scry. Just wanted to mention that, since a poll like this doesn’t give that level of specificity.

I actually recently tried switching from Scry to Crystalline on my hobby programming computer (which has a minority of my Crystal work) in order to try and fix a specific VSCode annoyance (the automatic indentation for case...when isn’t implemented for case...in), but it ended up being the same in both language servers. I tried digging into Crystalline to see where that could be improved, but I didn’t end up finding anything. Maybe that logic is actually in the VSCode plugin? Anyway, my point is that I have a little bit of experience with both, but I haven’t noticed that either is clearly better or more up-to-date.

EDIT: the indentation thing is in the plugin (I’ve submitted a PR for it), so it shouldn’t have any bearing on language server choices

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And is already merged. Thanks!

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