Multi shards documentation generation

Hi there !

While working on Cadmium, Watzon and I decided to split the main shard in several shards.

We now have cadmium_tokenizer, cadmium_classifier, etc. shards and a “meta” shard cadmium with no crystal code but a shards.yml that installs all the cadmium_* shards.

Each cadmium_* shard has its code inside a cadmium folder and declared under a Cadmium module.

I’d love to generate the API documentation for all the cadmium shards merged under one doc folder and browsable in one website (like the Crystal API docs) without having to merge back all the cadmium repos together.

What would be the best way/strategy to do so ?

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I think we would need to enhance the crystal docs tool so that it accepts a list of directories that you want to generate docs for.


Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll file an issue then and dive into the code to see how much I can do.

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For anyone interested, the opened issue