My First Published Paper, with Crystal Code

If you like math, prime numbers, or science and programming in general, then check out my first, just published, paper. :sparkler: :fireworks: :tada:

Journal: Journal of Current Trends in Computer Science Research (JCTCSR)

Article: Twin Primes Segmented Sieve of Zakiys (SSoZ) Explained

It’s actually an easy paper to read (written on purpose for that).
It requires no knowledge of calculus, or higher order math, in order to understand it.
All you need to have it is an understanding of English, basic logical thinking, and a curiosity to learn something new! :grinning:

I used mostly Crystal code to show the algorithm’s implementation, because it’s easy to read and understand. The timings, and code implementations (in 6 languages) in the paper are old now (June 2022). Newer ones (which produce better timings) are available at the links given in the paper, to their gist source files.

I’d be interested to see how Crystal performs on newer hardware (M1|2, etc), with more threads, if people would choose to run benchmarks on them and share. Recent timings on my AMD 5900HX 8C|16T system shows it’s much closer to Rust now than before. Rust beats all the other 5 versions because it does parallelization (memory management) the best.

If you have any questions, please share. :smiley: