New shards proocodile is here!


Running & deploying Ruby apps to places like Viaduct & Heroku is really easy but running processes on actual servers is less fun. Procodile aims to take some the stress out of running your Ruby/Rails apps and give you some of the useful process management features you get from the takes of the PaaS providers.

Procodile is a bit like Foreman but things are designed to run in the background (as well as the foreground if you prefer) and there’s a supervisor which keeps an eye on your processes and will respawn them if they die.

Procodile works out of the box with your existing Procfile.

This is a Crystal fork for Ruby(original) version, with some minor bug fixes.

Although most of the process is just copying/pasting, But, It’s still not an easy process.

Please help to test it.

  1. full features work as expected.
  2. the MacOS prebuild version is works.



Check release page for download precompiled binary.