The Crystal Programming Language Forum

Overhauling the GitHub Wiki

The GitHub Wiki is not very accessible and contains a few hidden treasures that should probably be moved to the website or other places.
As a general knowledge base the wiki is redundant: We have already have the website, language reference etc. I think it could serve best as a kind of internal developer documentation, so resources that are not relevant to the regular Crystal users, but for contributers.

These pages are currently on the wiki:

  • Home: The sections Editor support and CI integrations should be moved to a more public place, perhaps a Tools section on the website?
  • All required libraries: developer documentation
  • Compiler error messages: Only an obsolete example that doesn’t reproduce anymore -> can be removed. (In case it comes up again, StackOverflow would be a better place for this)
  • Compiler internals: developer documentation
  • Crystal for Rubyists: This could be promoted to a guide (which currently reside inside the language reference)
  • FAQ: could be moved to the website, but I don’t think it’s super relevant, so could be left as is
  • Merging PRs: developer documentation
  • Metaprogramming Help: similar to Crystal for Rubyists
  • Online playgrounds: Should be moved to the website, maybe a Tools section?
  • Platform Support: This should loose the draft label and move to a more public place, probably the language reference.
  • Porting to Windows: developer documentation
  • Roadmap: developer documentation. Could perhaps be more prominent, but for the time being it seems fine.
  • Static Linking: Should be moved to the language reference, maybe extended as a guide with examples.
  • Threads support: seems obsolete -> can be removed
  • Used in production: Needs more visibility, should be moved to the website (Community section?)