Problem to transform bash command to Process crystal command

Hello, I have a problem, actually I need to translate this bash command:

../configure                                       \
    --target=$LFS_TGT                              \
    --prefix=$LFS/tools                            \
    --with-glibc-version=2.11                      \
    --with-sysroot=$LFS                            \
    --with-newlib                                  \
    --without-headers                              \
    --enable-initfini-array                        \
    --disable-nls                                  \
    --disable-shared                               \
    --disable-multilib                             \
    --disable-decimal-float                        \
    --disable-threads                              \
    --disable-libatomic                            \
    --disable-libgomp                              \
    --disable-libquadmath                          \
    --disable-libssp                               \
    --disable-libvtv                               \
    --disable-libstdcxx                            \

I call this function from my API normally:

def configureSource(arguments : Array(String), path =
            process ="./configure",args: arguments,
                                                output: :inherit,
                                                error: :inherit,
                                                chdir:  Ism.settings.sourcesPath + "/" + 
                                                        @information.versionName + "/" +
                                                        @mainSourceDirectoryName + "/" +
            if !process.success?
                exit 1

But for a source need to have a separate directory to be build if I use :

process ="../configure"

(with two points to call from the previous directory with crystal) it don’t work. How can I do.The contrainst are I need to call the method with, and I don’t want to use cd implementation of crystal.

In one word, I need to generate a configuration in an another directory (called “build”)